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Starting the architectural planning process

Updated: May 28, 2022

In March there was finally some movement in the contract process. We have now received permission to join the two plots together. This is fundamental in order to be allowed to build anything on the property later. This news makes me wait a little calmer. I've been waiting for almost a year now since signing the precontract. Now registering the property with the land registry office takes even longer than expected. I practice patience and Spanish serenity.

I use the waiting time to think about what exactly I should build there. A new building is a unique opportunity and it is not at all easy to find out what I actually want. In the autumn I hired a Majorcan architect who specializes in sustainable construction. However, his designs did not quite meet my expectations. Luckily there are many good and helpful architects in my area who stand by my side and gave me good advice. Thank you Maria, Milena, Myriam and Beda!

How to figure out what house I should build

Being a trained designer I had some very clear visions in certain details and aspecially when it comes to sustainability. However there are certain things I have never asked myself before and have no clue what I need or want! I've never lived in a detached house in my life, never outside of a city, never in mediterranean climate. So some things are quite hard to imagine. Who will it be to wake up here every morning? How hot will it get? Do I need a first floor? How many toilets are needed? How small can a bathroom be? What appliances do we need to host workshops?

To start with I made a briefing with the things I did know and since then I've been paying more attention to how I move around in my apartment, looking more closely at all sorts of houses and floor plans.

My mood board for the architecture briefing:

How to procede

The two architects Myriam Marti and Milena Kuster were there for a few days in March and are now supporting me in the design process. In a short time we have come a lot closer to the matter and I'm excited to see what the final draft will look like! If all goes well we should have the plans ready by the time the contract is signed. Then we can apply for a building permit which will take about another two years!

1 – Jaumes proposition on where to place the house.

2 – 3D-Model from Jaume

3 – Plan from Jaume Luis Salas

4 –Milena and Myriam on the property for a first inspection.

5 – Floor plan drafts from Myriam and Milena

6 – First sketches from Milena

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