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happy year one!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Year one

Last year on September 15th I was finally able to sign the deed to buy this piece of land. As most of you know, this was a moment I've been waiting for probably all my life. Owning land means freedom to plant (almost) whatever I want, wherever I want. To experiment, to build stuff, to invite people, to dance and sing without disturbing anyone. The last year was one of my happiest years. I finally am where I belong, where I can develop. And I want to thank each one of you who helped me to get here. Over the past 12 months we've achieved quite a lot. We can drive into our property now, we have the biggest water tank, started our syntropic food forest, handed in our application to build a house, installed a solar plant and just recently built a composting toilet.

Heat wave

I've spent a lot of time on this island over the past 5 years, but I always managed to avoid the summer season. Now that we've planted over 60 new trees and many more shrubs and herbs, I wanted to stay here during the hottest months to make sure they all survive. All the trees in the forest had to be watered by hand and even the herbs between our rows of fruit trees needed manual irigation, because our water pressure is too low to make it to all our plants. But watering them every other day also means that you check on all the plant babies regularly. But it was a lot of hard work!

Closing the cycle

Son Selva should be open for visitors who want to learn more about permaculture. To host workshops and guests in general we need a couple of basic structures. And we started building the most crucial of them all: The toilet.

Having a composting toilet changed the place from being an experimental garden lab into something somewhat homely. We built our little outhouse during our very first workshop (about composting toilets) and I am very happy with the result. It's still missing parts of the walls and a sink, but it works perfectly fine. Up next on our to-do-list is a gate for a proper entrance, an outdoor shower and an outdoor kitchen. You can help us building these things with your donation!

As always you can follow our progress on YouTube.

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All fotos in this post are made by the talented Marina Llopis.

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