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The Goal

A derelict piece of land in Mallorca, without electricity or running water, will be converted into a fertile forest garden within 10 years. The whole process will be documented via Youtube and social media, in order to motivate sustainability beginners to a more natural lifestyle. In addition, workshops on the topics of regenerative agriculture, sustainability, permaculture, sustainable building and self-sufficient systems are offered on the property. The property will also be used for experimenting and trying out new solutions. Working on ideas for a greener future.

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Renewable Energy

Platform for courses and workshops

Living with nature

Learn & experience

& developing
new ideas


Greywater systems

Regenerative Agriculture

Organic farming

Rainwater harvesting



People Care

Fair Share

Earth Care

Living area:

course room, recreation, pool, facilities, chicken

Restoration area:

Afforestation, wild life, woodland

Agricultural area:

Vegetable garden agro-forestry, organic orchard

The Vision

Permaculture means working with nature, not against it. Therefore, the land will have three main functions: It will provide a living area, where we will also teach knowledge of sustainable living, it will provide food for us, guests and possibly others and it will provide a natural habitat for wildlife and nature. The three functions work hand in hand and restore the circle of nature.

The Masterplan

  • The land is cultivated according to permaculture principles (holistic, regenerative and organic).

  • A quarter of the property is being afforested and used as a habitat for wild animals and native plants.

  • The property is used to host workshops, events on sustainable topics and farm-to-table dinners.

  • The harvest is used to feed the participants, of workshops helpers and others.

  • Rainwater is collected and used for showers and watering the garden.

  • There will be a camping site where course participants will be accommodated.

  • All buildings are built from renewable or local materials.

  • The wastewater (= gray water) from the showers and washing machine is used to irrigate the forest garden.

  • The buildings are energy and water self-sufficient, i.e. not connected to the electricity or water network. 

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The Motivation

In times of climate change, everyone is talking about the problems, but only a few people are showing solutions. People have lost their connection to live with nature, but there are many sustainable alternatives for housing, agriculture and our daily life in general. The principles of permaculture are useful guidelines to implement nature back into our culture.


Many people have lost the connection and thus the knowledge for the productive use of nature. However, this knowledge is essential if we are to master the climatic difficulties that are ahead of us. Permaculture provides the principles for this. I would like to show this on a piece of property and convey it to others, and thus show how we can live naturally, self-sufficiently and still comfortably.

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#30 Late summer Update of our permaculture food forest and harvesting carob
#29 We're building a composting toilet
#28 One year later: Second property tour of our permaculture project in Mallorca
My dog was not happy about our thre new cats!#catsanddogs #adoptdontshop #bordercollie




Frühling im Hochbeet

Blick-Gartenexpertin Scarlet Allenspach ist auf dem Ringier-Dach bereit für die zweite Saison. 

Mit Update zum Projekt in Mallorca.




Ein Waldgarten auf Mallorca. 

Blick-Gartenexpertin Scarlet Allenspach verwirklicht ihren Lebenstraum

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Pflanzenfreund Magazin

Das Mallorca-Tagebuch. 

Am 15. September 2022 konnte unsere Pflanzenfreund-Botschafterin Scarlet Allenspach endlich den Kaufvertrag für ihr Grundstück «Son Selva» unterzeichnen. Seither macht sie das Land urbar. In unserem Blog berichtet sie regelmässig darüber, welchen Herausforderungen sie gegenübersteht – und welche Lösungen sie findet.




Von zwei, die auszogen einen Waldgarten anzulegen. 

Waldgärten waren der Schwerpunkt unserer Oktober-Ausgabe 2021. Darin findest Du ein Interview mit Scarlet Allenspach und dem erfahrenen Waldgärtner Frits Deemter. Was sie verbindet ist eine grosse Portion Experimentier- und Abenteuerlust und das Anliegen, die Waldgartenphilosophie weiterzugeben. Und beide wählten für ihren Neuanfang dieselbe Insel – Mallorca.

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