First Stage Financing

To start this project we need 170'000 Euros to purchase the land and the subsequent first steps. We still have a long way to go! Help us to make this project happen and choose how to support below!

Monthly support

Support this project with a monthly donation and be part of the project! Your money will fund the development of Son Selva in the long run and help to keep ahead of ongoing expenses.

Single Donation

Support the transfer of knowledge for a more sustainable future with a onetime donation! Every contribution is welcome and helps us to start and set up this project! The most crucial help we need now is setting up our infrastructure. 


Even if we're still at the very beginning of this project, we have a great reach of people who want to join us for a more sustainable future. Become an official sponsor of Son Selva and your company will be mentioned on the website, social media as well as at the end of every YouTube video.