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Granny Sponsor

Become a proud patron of a tree and be one of the first to start our food forest! Tree sponsorships are limited. Choose one of the 42 grannies we were able to save so far.


What you get: 

- A tree with your name tag on it. We will revitalize it, water and take care of it for you. 

- A picture of your tree once a year for 5 years.

- A certificate of your sponsorship.

- Our annual report of this project.

- Your name on the end of every YouTube video.


About the trees:

1 - sponsored by Michael Hochreutener

2 - sponsored by Nicole Strnad

3 - sponsored by Lukas Schaub

4 - sponsored by Benjamin Rapp

5 - sponsoref by Milan Rohrer

6 - sponsored by Andrea Annaheim

7 - sponsored by Sarah Brown

8 - sponsored by Gianluca Salvioli

9 - sponsored by Wang Hui, China

10 - Yves & Bruno Liechti

11 - is sponsored by Tiki, Salsa, Husky, Sky und Pajaro

12 - sponsored by Marianne Stokar

13 - sponsored by Carmen Cescon Heule

14 - sponsored by Rebecca Porter

15 - sponsored by Kira and Family

16 - sponsored by Fabienne Holzer

17 - sponsored by Preben Munch

18 - sponsored by Simon Camenzind

19 - sponsored by François & Esther Bachmann

20 - sponsored by Madeleine Aellig

21 - sponsored by Lisa Campbell

22 - sponsored by Batiekoro Keita

23 - sponsored by Michèle Baitsch

29 the biggest almond tree we have.

31 - died unfortunately

32 - sponsored by Sabine Wanka

33 - sponsored by Sebastia Quetglas

34 - sponsored by Mourad Leinen, Elisa Sosa, Serena Scherrmann

35 - died unfortunately

38 - sponsored by Simone Wirz

39 - sponsored by my parents, Sybille Allenspach & Tobias Hoffmann

40 - died unfortunately

41 - sponsored by Lorena Linke

42 a carob tree

43 an almond tree at the property wall facing the sea.

44 - sponsored by Nathalie Pfister

45 an old fig tree with only one living branch left

Granny Sponsor

  • Besides planting new trees, we want to save as many of the old almond and carob trees of the existing orchard. Unfortunately the trees haven't been taken care of for the last 10 years and the majority of the trees died or are barely alive. But we're not giving up yet! Over the past month we have been cutting back all the brush wood around the old survivers and support them with a big load of compost and organic fertilizer. This requires a lot of work and love! With your granny sponsorship we'll make sure your tree get's enough water, mulch to protect its roots, organic fertilizer and a nice hair cut each year.By sponsoring one of our grannies you're not only helping this project to thrive, you are also helping to bind CO2, create shade for us and other plants, stabilize the soil, and create habitat for wild life.


    Pick your tree!

    Let us know in your order, which granny you would like to sponsor and we will send you a picture of her every year.

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