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Tree Sponsor

The best moment to plant a tree is today! By sponsoring a tree you're not only helping this project to thrive, you are also helping to bind CO2, create shade for us and other plants, stabilize the soil, and create habitat for wild life. 


We planted another 20 trees in one go in 2024. As soon as the trees are in the ground we'll let you know what type of tree you got and will send you a picture of it. 


Trees need a lot of care in the first years. With your sponsorship we'll make sure it get's enough water, mulch to protect its roots, organic fertilizer and a nice hair cut each year.

Tree Sponsor

  • Become a proud patron of a tree and be one of the first to start our food forest! Tree sponsorships are limited. This winter we will be planting 30 trees. 


    What you get: 

    - A tree with your name tag on it. We will plant, water and take care of it for you. 

    - A picture of your tree once a year for 10 years.

    - A certificate of your sponsorship.

    - Our annual report of this project.

    - Your name on the end of every YouTube video.

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