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Becoming local

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Wow, I'm sitting in my new apartment in Portocolom and looking out to sea. Sure, the step to be here more often to get the permaculture project going was obvious and a partial move was foreseeable. But who would have thought that it would happen so quickly! Just a few days after returning to my new adopted home, I found this pretty, small and affordable apartment right by the sea.

This way I can travel more flexibly, walk to my future property every day, have a quick swim on the way and work more focused on my project.

Since I had already tested working remotely last winter, the transition was more difficult this time. But there is always too much to do, no matter where you are in the world. Sometimes I find it difficult to give the same amount of attention to the various projects I am working on and the permaculture project often falls short. To date, I haven't really gotten around to doing the things I actually came here for. Of course, I wasn't completely inactive. The first YouTube video can now be seen and the project finally has a name: Son Selva! (now also with my own Instagram account)

Son Selva means something like "property of the jungle" and seems to me very suitable for a forest garden project. From now on there will be monthly updates of the project on Youtube. I am of course happy if you subscribe to the channel and help me gain greater visibility. At the beginning there is a first tour of the property.

Son Selva at Pflanzenfreund

If you like the print media more than a vlog and you're in Switzerland, you can buy the magazine Pflanzenfreund this month). You will find a detailed interview about my project (in German) as well as other exciting information about the forest garden. From now on there will be a short update every month on the website of the magazine including a Mediterranean plant portrait of me. I am really looking forward to this collaboration and am already busy getting to know plants. You can find an excerpt from the interview here.

Last week I tried prickly pears for the first time (the raw fruit as well as the "leaves"). You can read about my experiences on Instagram. I was also helping friends with the olive harvest. And of course, I had to taste the almonds on my future property.

Next steps

As I said, there is still a lot to do! I'm looking forward to most of it, but have to be patient a little longer, as other (paid) projects currently have priority. Since I'm often asked what's next at Son Selva, I'll share my to-do list for the coming months here:

  • Write an architecture briefing and send it to various offices

  • Get offers and decide on an architecture office

  • Apply for a building permit

  • Clarify water supply

  • Create website and design logo

  • Find sponsorsDevelopment of communication channels (especially for crowdfunding next autumn)

  • Networking on the island and building up my own knowledge in the process

  • Adopt dog ;)

You can of course still support Son Selva financially andmake the next work steps a little easier for me. Every donation takes the project one step further. Many thanks to everyone who has already donated or actively supported me in another way.

I'm looking forward to upcoming adventures and challenges and thank you for your interest.

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