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Beginning with the property search

In the next years I‘m planning to open up a permaculture retreat in mallorca. The idea is to host workshops, permaculture design courses, yoga retreats, farm-to-table-dinners and being an example of sustainable agriculture and tourism.

With this permaculture retreat I want to provide a place to communicate a modern way of sustainable living not just in theory. Here people will be able to experience and implement the practices of permaculture.

We've started looking at properties in summer 2019. The first steps where to understand all the regulations, permits and difficulties. Also I had to figure out what I was actually looking for. It's my first (and most likely my only) time buying land. So there is a lot to learn. My financial situation is limiting my options a lot. But I believe, that the right property will find me. I just have to be patient.

Searching for a property is very exiting. My imagination goes wild, whenever I set foot on an empty plot. I already renovate buildings in my mind, bring orchards back to live and can go on dreaming about places for days.

​For this project to work, I need to find a property with the following criterias:
  • Size: min. 14’000 m2 plot

  • Living/working space: ca. 400m2 (ca. 200m2 building surface)

  • Location: preferably south-east of mallorca, within 30 minutes from the sea by bike. Also an existing orchard and a tourist license coming with the building would be nice.

  • Building to restore or building ready to use/renovate.

  • Price: max. 300’000 Euros (+ 160’000 for restoration) or the total of 460'000 for a building we can start working on right away.

The next step will be taken this autumn, when I intend to live on the island for a couple of months to view some properties, connect to the people there and experience mallorca during the cooler season.

Contact me, if you can help me find the perfect property!

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