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Thank you for sponsoring a tree!

Dear friends and supporters of Son Selva. You all help us to convert a monocultured almond orchard into a diverse food forest! Find your tree on the map below and learn more about the mediterranean flora with us!

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1– 44 Existing almond and carob trees see our granny sponsor list


50  Lemon tree (citrus limon) sponsored by Michael Hunn

51  Quince tree (cydonia oblonga) sponsored by Andreas & Aaron Graf

52  Strawberry tree (arbutus unedo) sponsored by Ursula Cattaneo

53  Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis)

54  Orange tree (citrus sinensis) sponsored by Preben Munch

55  Pomegranade tree (punica granatum) sponsored by Brigitte Ringger Viscontini

56  Carob tree (ceratonia siliqua) sponsored by Florin Stohler

57  Strawberry tree (arbutus unedo) sponsored by Michael Lampert

58  Carob tree (ceratonia siliqua) sponsored by August Lampert

59  Pomegranade tree (punica granatum) sponsored by Nicole Doebele

60  Stone pine (pino pinea) sponsored by Sandro Camponovo

61  Avocado tree (persea americana var. bacon) sponsored by Daniel & Daniela Dunkel

62  Strawberry tree (arbutus unedo) sponsored by Tizian Aellig

63  Avocado tree (persea americana varl. hass) sponsored by Romain Bayere

64  White poplar (populus alba)

65  Guayava tree (psidium guayava) sponsored by Monique Zimmermann

66  Kaki tree (diospyros kaki) sponsored by Fabian Plattner

67  Mango tree (mangifera indica) sponsored by Nicole de Lorenzi

70  Unknown – probably a mandarin tree, we will see! Sponsored by Marie Louise Dal Santo

71  Carob tree (ceratonia siliqua) sponsored by Monika Salzgeber

73  Fig tree (ficus carica) sponsored by Kostas Maros

74  Kiwi vine male (actindia deliciosa) sponsored by René Uhlmann

75  Kiwi vine female (actindia deliciosa) sponsored by Karin Caprez

Trees that we're planting now (winter 2023/24): 

Walnut tree

Pistachio (male)

Pistachio (female)

Tamarix (3x)

Laurel (6x)

Apple tree


Canarian Banana

Seaberry (male)

Seaberry (female)

Seaberry (autofertile)

Cork oak

Tree sponsors of trees, that will be planted this winter: 

Sebastian Quetglas

Daria & Alex Bartz

Sonja Dale

Yves & Bruno Liechti

Sonja Dale-Gysel

Hanna Ziegler

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