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The first big step

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

In search of utopia

2020 was an extraordinary year for all of us. I personally had some ups and downs, mostly it made me question the society we live in more than ever. All the events and restrictions affirmed my plans of forming my very personal escape plan: to buy a piece of land in Mallorca. A place where I can grow my own food, be safe in any upcoming crisis or lockdown and be as autonomous as possible. But also I want this place to be open to others, to be a place where interested people can learn more about sustainable living, nature and gardening.

So on December 27th 2020 I took the big step and decided to move to Mallorca for three months. Since most of my work can be done from almost everywhere with access to internet, I'm privileged to travel and live the life of a so-called digital nomad. After a 9 hour drive to Barcelona and a surprisingly comfortable night on a bench on the ferry and a mandatory covid-test on arrival, we landed on the island of my dreams. Restaurants are only open until 6 pm, which ruins the spanish vibe completely. Also food is only served outdoors, something we just have to get used to, I guess... Finding food as a tourist was harder than I thought and we were glad to leave our hotel in Palma for a b'n'b with a kitchen in Sineu.

Let the search begin!

I've been searching for properties online and started to get a feeling of what I actually had to look for and where I could run in to difficulties. Buying a property is a whole new world for me. With every property I'm looking at and with every person I talk to, I learn something new and valuable for reaching my goal. So what's the plan for the coming three months?

  • Talking to people who started a similar project and could help me to avoid making mistakes.

  • Driving around to figure out which region I prefer and why.

  • Looking at properties for sale.

  • Working on my business plan (It still changes with every new experience I make.)

  • Check which banks could give me a mortgage and to what conditions.

  • Improve my spanish skills (very hard with no people on the streets!)

  • Grow my network.

  • Don't forget to work on my other jobs and projects back home to earn some money.

Wish me luck and sign up for my newsletter and I'll keep you posted on any developments!

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