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I finally bought the property!

My patience has been tested to the max this past couple of months. I knew that buying land can be difficult and that spanish bureaucracy is different and slower than others. But it was all worth it. After signing the preliminary agreement last summer, I am very happy to announce that you can call me landlord now. ;)

I signed the deeds yesterday. I was super nervous and once it was all done it felt like a. big weight was lifted of my chest. The former owner, an elderly lady, was very friendly and even though it was a sad moment for her, she is happy, that the land is now in good hands. This made me even happier.

The first night

We celebrated this first big step by camping on the land for the very first time. It. was an unbelievable feeling to sleep under the stars, hearing the crickets and the bells of the sheep and nothing else. I feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world to be able to own such a beautiful piece of nature.

This wouldn't have been possible without the help of my friends and family who believed in this project and generously lent or donated money. And I am truly thankful to have this incredible support!

Now I don't want to waste any time, I want to start transforming this bare and dead looking piece of wilderness into a little paradise.

First steps on the new property

Can you see the road yet?

1. Access

The land hasn't been cared for in at least 5 years, maybe more. Trees and shrubs have been growing and covering every path to a level where it's hard to get through. So we bought an electric chain saw to access the property, not only by foot but also by car. It's hard to emagine how and when we will be able to drive through, but we'll give our best. Follow this project on YouTube to find out if we succeed!

2. Building permit

Now that the property is mine, I can apply for a building permit. We've already worked on the design since spring and are almost ready to hand it in. (Read more about the design process here.)

3. Budget

It's no surprise that I've spent my last penny to make this project happen. I am very grateful for the friends and family members that helped me out with loans, donations and wisdom until now. They made this dream possible. But this is only the beginning! We will be needing more money for tools, trees, compost, water tanks, fences etc. So I'm currently working on a detailed budget and financial plan.

If you like this project as much as we do, please head over to the support site and make your donation, become a member or sponsor a tree! Your help is much appreciated, not only by me, but also by nature.

4. Building a door for the little stone shed

The only existing building on the land is a very small stone barn (aprox. 6m2). It is too small and dark to make it habitable, but it is big enough to store some tools in there. All it needs is a door to lock them in.

5. – 16. Small things

And then there are all the small things, that combined will probably take up a huge portion of my time. But exept for the building permit nothing has to be done immediately, so I'm in no rush and will just do everything onne step at the time. Here's a brief insight in my current to-do-list:

  • Build a composting toilet

  • Order and install water tanks

  • Get offers for solar panels

  • Adopt a dog

  • Cut back all the almond trees

  • Create a camp site

  • Buy a mobile home

  • Move all my tools and some of my things from Switzerland (if you have tools to spare, let me know!)

  • Start a composting area

  • Observe the land during heavy rain

  • Sow green manure

  • Fertilize the trees (with compost and JLF)

... and there are so much more things to do!

Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on YouTube and Instagram to not miss our progress!

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